Friday, December 28, 2007


Dabbling in political news reminds me quickly of why I bailed on it. Hillary says that the last 8 years have been an embarrassment. Really? I was embarrassed when your husband got blowjobs from a girl just out of her teens in the Oval Office, and then lies about it under oath. That was embarrassing, Hillary. Now she is giving her final speeches in Iowa, and the moment she is done, her “theme song” (whatever the hell that is) blares over the loudspeakers so that no public Q&A is available. Frankly, I find that embarrassing. Polls in Iowa show Hillary losing, losing, losing – then earlier this week one shows shock and awe, Hillary winning by double digits! Now, the polls show even again. Data manipulation. How frickin’ embarrassing. Let’s not even get into your bovine-thigh dimensions. Hillary, that’s about the only double-digit lead you have over your opponents. Finally, I read her statement following Bhutto’s assassination. Took her about ten words so say, “I knew her …” Hillary, nobody cares about your personal sense of loss (however contrived) when a world leader is killed. It’s embarrassing.

I hate politics. More accurately, I hate the people in politics: Politicians, newspaper people, pollsters, and political office and campaign staff.

The Writers’ Guild of America is still on strike. Been about two months. Sorry, folks, I don’t watch TV except for sports and the occasional movie on DVD. They could fold shop forever and I wouldn’t miss anything. The wires seem all abuzz with Jay Leno and the rest of the late-night guys coming back in the first week of January. Jay Leno makes the best point: “I support the WGA, but when I go back to work, so do hundreds of other people” (or something substantially like that). It is not the more-money crowd on strike that matters – it is the entire system of people employed in the industry, including my blog-buddy at Totally Unauthorized (see blogroll on right).

I laugh my ass off when organizations go on strike because of “inferior working conditions” and all the other diatribe. In the end result, more money is locked their way in a contract and they scurry back to their desks. Smug pricks.

I hate unions. More accurately, I hate the people that run unions: bunch of lying hacks.

I am watching the Boston College – Michigan State bowl game as I scan my mind for other things I dislike. Yeah, I am cranky. Big time. Some running back just ran with the ball and one of his players was blocked into him – Shane, #71. Yeow, is that guy huge. He seems to be twice the size on most measurements for the running back that bounced off of him. What’s the life expectancy for such huge people? They must be packing down the calories in exponential measure to my diet. I was lucky to maintain my weight in college because of a general absence of food (more accurately, money for food). I tended to play cribbage a lot better at a penny a point, buck a game when I was hungry. I didn’t think in terms of money, but of menu items and meals. A “good Friday” meant I was set through breakfast on Monday.

ESPN has taken such a dive since being bought by Capital Cities/ABC. The entertainment bent to their programming just sucks. The best (worst) example is that buffoon Tony Kornheiser (sp?) spreading like a virus from an annoying commentary show to Monday Night Football. The guy is just not pleasant on any scale – and the time I heard him offer some “sympathetic” statement because someone died or got injured made me want to vomit. The boy is not the problem. It is the ABC mentality of entertainment.

I hate network TV. More accurately, I hate everything involved in or reflective of network television. Everything.

Done. Have a wonderful day!

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