Monday, February 23, 2004

Kerry shows signs of microcracks

Kerry has lost his mind. He wrote President Bush a letter claiming that he, W, started this re-examination of Viet Nam and that W had better call off the hounds.

Expect Edwards to be deathly and deftly quiet on this one. Old political adage - when your opponent is headed for a cliff, stay out of his way.

Kerry is trying to appear as the rough-and-ready tough guy. Trying to control the agenda by labeling W as questioning his patriotism. My children would have vetoed issuing such a letter if asked, and they are in the 7th and 8th grade.

The very first thing I thought of was Dean telling McAullife to call off the dogs. Bad move. An intended move of strength showed just how weak he was.

Kerry is now doing the same thing. And he talks in such extreme terms. He is a man-child. Always in the shadow of Dukakis before and now Kennedy.

My doubts of re-election are going away. It isn't even Super Tuesday 2 and Kerry is losing it. Think of what he will be doing when W actually starts to run. Wow ...

As can be expected through patience and logic, Krauthammer nails Kerry and the Democrats to the wall.

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