Wednesday, February 11, 2004


I included the full text of the letter below because I was pressed for time (I had just finished teaching for the day), and was, frankly, impressed and relieved to read it. "Relieved" because the press has been glorifying Kerry's war experience. The man who marched with Hanoi Jane and called our soldiers rapists and baby killers has been presently himself with a "band of brothers" from his "Viet Nam years."

I am thinking of how best to format my offerings in this blog. I enjoy sites that offer links to the owner's favorite article or comments of the day. I think I will incorporate that to some degree.

I would ask you all what you think of this idea, but I would want to be democratic about any decision. And if I count my vote (since I go back and read my own writings occasionally), I think a poll of all of the present readers would at worst be a tie, at best unanimous. And since I resolve all ties ... links to articles it is.

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