Sunday, February 8, 2004

Strong Intelligence

In Director Tenet's remarks a couple of days ago (linked below), he spent some time discussing the success in nailing AQ Khan - the Pak father of their bomb. Seems AQ was selling the technology to Libya, Iran, and North Korea. The press reported other issues ... focused on perceived weaknesses.

When W was attacked by Russert for an hour this morning, W mentioned AQ Khan. Russert moved on as if he didn't understand the issue. He understood all too well - it was a success and Russert was there to hammer away at failures.

This article gives a direct, factual overview of AQ and his activities, and what W was doing out of public view.

Too bad our press can only find fault, can never give praise, to Republicans. But at least they are consistent. Can you imagine the analysis of this world-changing brilliant behind-the-scenes coup if Clinton were still in office? It would be scripted and ready for TV by now ...

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