Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Today's reads

Charles Krauthammer is direct and unyielding in this piece about translating Kerry's war experience to the Oval Office.

The Democrats think we are stupid. Kerry "rises above the fray" by calling for the W-Nat'l Guard-AWOL discussions to stop; the DNC insist they can't; after all, it was W who has put this issue so much in the forefront. How old are these people? They think and act like toddlers ...

Religion and the polls. Most people believe the Bible to be literal. But the slope - 3/4's of Protestants, 1/2 of Catholics, 1/4 of those without religion in their lives - is instructive. I suggest that the lower Catholic number is what happens when you design a religion with a lot of stuff in it - added books in the Bible that are not inspired writings, a manual, tons of saints, certain procedures and protocols. The "literal" belief is up to 91% with evangelical protestants. That reflects a different approach to religion: "See that cross? Here's a Bible. Read it." Anything that brings someone to Christ is fine ...

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