Monday, March 29, 2004

Dems and Jobs

I found this update interesting as we all listen to the dems scream about losing jobs. I got the writing through an e update from Sen. Frist. (If you want to subscribe, go here and select E-mail updates on the right side.)

"Last week we tried to pass a Manufacturing Jobs bill (the FSC/ETI bill). The Democrats are filibustering the bill (cloture vote) so I set it aside until they become reasonable. Their obstruction hurts manufacturing and jobs in America. The Europeans have been authorized to impose $4 billion in sanctions. They began imposing them on March 1. The tariffs started at 5% of the $4 billion authorized and will increase by 1%, or $40 million, a month for every month we do not act. The EU is Tennessee's second largest trading partner, accounting for 21% of all of our exports. $177 million in Tennessee exports are on the sanctions list. That amounts to 7.2% of Tennessee's exports to the E.U. and 1.5% percent of its global exports. As many as 3,450 Tennessee jobs could be affected by this filibuster. This filibuster could have an estimated economic impact of $700 million in Tennessee alone."

Ain't that amazing??

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