Wednesday, March 31, 2004

If you give a liberal a cookie

In what can only be described as the dumbest business model ever, Air America has told a Chapel Hill radio station to go pound sand.

Air America, the would-be liberal voice riding the radiowave, has set itself up for a lonely existence. A Chapel Hill radio station wanted to air just two of the liberal offerings - the round headed guy who always seems to have spittle at the corners of his mouth (with the hair of a grade-school kid and glasses to fry ants; his demeanor is so self-righteous I dislike hearing him - but to mute the TV and look at him is great fun), and Janeane (who was funny when she wrote jokes, but became unfunny when she tried to incorporate her "thoughts and feelings").

"Well, no can do, you!! At Air America, you either take everything we have or get nothing!! And the programming runs from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM!! We want small failing stations that could not survive without us. We will transform those stations into beacons of knowledge and ... and ... "

Wow. Make me yammy (as my daughter, Jourdaine, used to say).

A business runs by having a variety of products. They push every one of them into the marketplace. If one is not received well - off with its head!! The products that are received well get more investment. You refine your offerings over time, you replicate, imitate, break new ground. Whatever it takes to be commercially successful within the ethical bounds of your industry.

You do not accomplish social engineering at the same time. You do not require a customer to purchase every product you have - 17 hours of air time - when they only want 6 hours. Wouldn't that result, specifically in the case of WCHL 1360 AM, Chapel Hill, and generally in every instance, in the firing of most other on-air personalities??

The liberals want to save stations. But let's clean house first. Any chance they had of success just went away. How pathetic. I thought the dems wanted to add jobs?

blogger spellcheck update. first option for "janeane" is "canine." she wishes ... i had a dog once with no teeth. we did everything we could to make him feel useful and important. he was, of course, useless, and important only because we loved him. he finally died and life went on. it was sad but such a relief ...

UPDATE!! Since posting the above this morning, The Star Tribune [Minneapolis MN], specifically Deborah Caulfield Rybak, reports, "The new liberal radio network Air America made a last-minute landing in the Twin Cities Tuesday with the news that WMNN Radio (1330 AM) will carry satirist Al Franken's new show when it makes its national debut today. The 11th-hour deal will put "The O'Franken Factor" on the air from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., although the rest of Air America's programming will not be carried." You can link to it from here, but they want you to join ...

The articles from Chapel Hill and Minneapolis show contradictory policies. Not good for an upstart.

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