Monday, March 22, 2004

Intelligent consumers

The September 11 Commission is a festering boil being lanced slowly. It is leaking stories designed to make it appear that the WTC tragedy was W's fault for not acting sooner, for not connecting the dots.

The only way to have stopped it was to initiate a war on terror during the Summer of 2001 - if not open warfare, then certainly the mindset and defensive position of war.

President Clinton had videotape of OBL, ignored offers from Sudan to hand him over ... and who knows how much else was available and not acted upon. W enters office and six months later is supposed to act proactively in a war setting. The word "paranoid" would leap to the electorate mind.

I think we are more intelligent consumers of opinion than the media is assuming.

I also think that doing these leaks now is the wrong tactic. If the report is due in August, why not open it like a blast furnace door? Why give W and his team time to defuse the bomb? The dems are not very good at politics these days. Talk about playing against the jv ...

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