Saturday, March 27, 2004

John Kerry's Mystery Theater, Scene 1

The LA Times reports an interesting burglary. Seems a guy in Marin County had 14 boxes of files - the result of an FOIA request to the FBI to divulge Kerry's surveillance details. Three of those boxes have been stolen. Some of the others rifled through. Valuable items like cameras ignored.

The story weaves a "gosh, Timmy, I like Senator Kerry. Who'da done sumptin like this?" understory. But it just doesn't ring true with me. Yes, the unit cost of conspiracies get cheaper as you buy more. But this was clearly a focused burglary - only Kerry files, only certain Kerry files. And it is not what a White House plumber (well, a Republican White House plumber) would do - if we wanted the information to publicly disseminate, we would get it from the same place the victim got it - the FBI.

Stay tuned, John Kerry's Mystery Theater will be right back after this message from our sponsors.

"Hi, my name is Terry McAuliffe. I have this doormat you may be interested in ... "

ps ... i did a blogger spellcheck for this listing. funny thing - "doormat" is not a word; the first suggestion is "toronto." it's like of sign of some kind ...

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