Friday, March 19, 2004

My EC view and the Jewish people

My best friend was reading this blog and wrote to me - "I am reading your blog... you said... 'My point is this - as an Evangelical Christian, I will support the Jewish people in anything they do.' anything? even that which God commands us not to do?"

It's a good point. Let me explain ... the context within which I was writing was Israeli self-defense, but I likewise mean my statement in its broader sense. I cannot know what it means to live in a country under constant siege, what it means to be a people that has been persecuted for centuries. I can view the decisions they make, see the aftermath, but never truly be empathic.

If Israel believes that they need to target those who are trying to murder their citizens, I defer to their judgment. If Israel wants wall, build it.

Yes, there are things that any person or leader of people can do that violate God's laws and I certainly cannot condone that. But I have watched Israel for many years and haven't seen it yet.

Would I support them if they decided to legalize same-sex marriage? No. If they decided to do any of a number of things of social policy that violated the dictates of the Bible, I can see myself not supporting them.

However, since I live here and they live there ... I am affected only by the international aspects, not their internal policies. So I'm safe? Yeah, I know, sounds like a dem qualification - sorry. For the record, I neither voted for nor later against anything ...

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