Tuesday, March 23, 2004

An usual time of direct attacks

Members of the Senate are not supposed to criticize each other on the floor of the Senate. Some kind of decorum rule. (In case you want further reading, here are the Senate Rules.) The alternative is what pops up occasionally from Asia - wrestling legislators. Truly an ugly site. Not because of physical aggression in government buildings but because the guys are in suits and climbing over desks and just look silly ...

Regardless of what MSNBC says, the rules are changed because Senators Kerry and Edwards have decided to launch without respite against the president. Senator Kerry in particular is attempting to redefine the truth of the relationship between the Senate and Office of the President - for example, all of the source data on Iraq was available to the Senate before any vote was taken - how could W have misled? Did Kerry actually go read the information?

So Senator Kennedy speaks the other day and (I so hate it when he delivers speeches drunk) strings together a litany of otherwise impeachable quality. And now, Senator Kyl responds, point by point. Kyl 1, Kennedy -0-.

The democrats are finding out that their mistreating of republicans in the 1960s and 1970s when they had control of the legislature and locked republicans out of meetings routinely has created their worst nightmare - a student that is smarter than the teacher.

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