Monday, April 19, 2004

... by the friends we keep

Sen. Arlen Specter (R*-PA) keeps some rather liberal friends by the look of his campaign contributors and supporters over the years.

George Soros, billionaire with an attitude. His latest claim to fame is that he can write a check. Have you ever heard this guy talk? He's like Elmer Fudd going wabbit huntin'. I have read and listened and searched and sought ... I cannot find an articulate argument from him as to why he thinks the United States should change administrations. He speaks in conclusions, injects emotions ... but never a cogent argument. I like being poor. I think a lot of money makes you stoopid.

Harold Ickes Jr., former Clinton aide. Nothing more need to said.

Ron Carey, Teamsters fame. "I won the election. Uh, I didn't? Who are you?" "United States Justice Department, sir. You didn't win the election." Do we have to discuss this criminal anymore?

Arthur Coia, another union hack, former president of Laborers Union, another person the Justice Department was interested in. No longer legally able to participate in the union. Something to do with organized crime.

Richard Ben-Veniste, dem party hack who questions pubs appearing before the 9-11 Commission as if they were child molesters. I listened to his treatment of Condi Rice. It was funny, in a do-you-have-a-brain-tumor, maybe-something-organically-wrong-here sort of way. He was a stage show. Like the actors that do the commercials for satellite or cable tv where they read letters from people in a dramatic manner (Danny DeVito (the guy from the sitcom where they drove taxis around; he married the short waitress on Cheers) did one of the early ones). Dicky B-V (sounds like a brandname for a new and improved jockstrap) is just a lapdog. He must think he comes across as suave, perceptive, stingingly accurate. My children used to think that, too, when they were 6 and 7 and brought me a mud pie with eyes ablaze and smiles as broad as the horizon ... boy, I love my kids. Dicky B-V can have the sweat off my ... {sorry!}

Sen. Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) wants Arlen on the USSC. 100% pro-abortion/-0%- pro-life ... that should send a chill down a conservative's spine. It's tough to be serious when it comes to RugRat Chuckie, but for a moment: a squeaky voice cracks and whines into your ear, spittle sprays from your collar to your eyebrow, "Maybe someday there will be a favor you can do for me." That chill running down your spine is not fright; it is a stream saliva that exited his mouth at something below room temperature.

With a republican like Specter, who needs an opposition party? It is time to show Arlen the door. Congressman Pat Toomey (R-PA) is running for Arlen's seat in several days. People give Arlen a few points in the polls, but never over 50%. As I drive around, I see Toomey signs 10:1. Perhaps the Broken-Glass Republicans will be coming out. I sure hope we don't see a false-positive in dems registering as pubs to vote in the primary.

It is time, Arlen. Pack your bags. Maybe Kerry is looking for a "cross-over" VP? You would be perfect. I'll give you cab fair to Harlem so you can kiss Bubba's ring.

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