Monday, April 5, 2004

John Kerry Mystery Theatre - Boneless chicken declared to be genetic relative

On November 3, 1985, President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines called for a quick election, to be held the following February 7th. He hoped for an opposition in disarray. Two years before, his strongest rival was murdered (Benigno Aquino, 1983). A month after his call for the election, the trial of the suspected murderer, General Fabian Ver, ended with a finding of innocence (btw, not subject to appeal).

Much to Marcos' consternation, Corazon Aquino, widow of the assassinated opposition leader, announced that she would run. The discrediting campaign was intense.

Marcos was going to win no matter how many counts it took, no matter how many votes needed to be excluded. The office of data processors that keyed the information into the computers were at the heart of the malfeasance. They were told what to put in and what to ignore. With abject fear, they fled to the protection of a church.

In the ensuing two weeks, Aquino declares victory, then Marcos declares victory. Fifteen days after the election, the Philippine revolution began, and three days after that Marcos fled. Here is a sanitary version of Marcos' rule.

For this episode's drama, we look to the delegation that the United States sent to watch the election process. Kerry was part of that delegation. When those frightened data processors were holed up in the church, Kerry appears. Silence. Not a word of support. Not a motion towards action. Nothing. Here is a first-hand account of how our hero performed. He was fully informed of the situation and did nothing.

More pathetic, here is what he did within the safety of our borders. Fiery speeches. How uttering calculated and sad.

The mystery for today is how such a spineless, visionless, lack-of-core-principles person could be sitting atop the ticket of a once great political party. Have the dems really sunk this low?

"boneless" isn't a word. first option - Benelux. how fitting. a legal amalgamation of The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, that little niche of property cozily nestled between France and Germany, basking daily in the socialist policies of their governments ... legalized drugs, prostitution, universal health-care. just the place for our jet-setting hero ...

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