Saturday, April 24, 2004

Robert Novak relates a funny ...

What do you do with a spouse who thinks she is bigger than the presidency? Who thinks that you running for office is cute, in a furry woodland creature sort of way?

Robert Novak provides the fodder:

"STAY IN PITTSBURGH. Teresa Heinz Kerry, Sen. John Kerry's vivacious wife, was a major asset on the campaign trail during the primary elections but has run into backstage criticism since then -- particularly in Philadelphia last week.

"Mrs. Kerry asked Rep. Bob Brady, master of ceremonies at the event, whether she could introduce Gov. Edward Rendell (who in turn would introduce the prospective Democratic presidential nominee). The candidate's wife then launched into a 10-minute speech about her early life in Mozambique and on the iniquities of George W. Bush, but forgot to introduce Rendell.

"After the event concluded, Brady told a Kerry aide: 'Next time you come to Philadelphia, leave her in Pittsburgh (Mrs. Kerry's hometown when she was married to the late Republican Sen. John Heinz).'"

One thing is telling about this episode - Kerry is not the one wearing the pants in the family.

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