Friday, April 9, 2004

Veep Positions on the Issues

Unlike Kerry, who has refused 23 times to provide answers on a non-partisan form, the various people being discussed as veep choices have provided a variety of positions in response.

Sen. John Edwards (D-SC) did not outright refuse to provide responses, as did Kerry, but he did refuse to use the options listed - he instead selected "other" and provided his own narrative. Sometimes. Other times, he simply refused. You can read his responses, but trust me, it is carefully crafted trash. Interest groups tell the story. 100% from pro-abortion; -0%- from pro-life. -0%- ratings from tax and budget reform groups. -0%- ratings from business and industry groups. Such extreme ratings indicate a man who has sold his soul.

We can dispose of Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL) quickly - he refused to respond. He was asked once. I guess nobody really cares what he thinks. And that includes me.

Sen. Evan Bahy (D-IN) completed his form. He opposes public financing of abortions. Yet Planned Parenthood gave him an 80% rating; pro-life groups a -0%- rating. He wants use of the death penalty broadened. He supports education vouchers and block grants. Yet the NEA gave him a 91% rating. The document is a bit dated (1998), but his position then was to support US unilateral action in Iraq if it "threatened our National Security interests" - his own words, thereby passing the options given that included defying UN resolutions. Overall, his answers and his interest group ratings seemed to be at odds - a moderate tone in his words, a liberal edge in his votes. Seems like a good democrat.

John McCain completed his form and shows why he would be a non-traditional voice on the ticket. McCain is strongly pro-life in his indicated positions. His voting record is 33% with pro-life groups, but -0%- with pro-choice groups. Following the last link a little further down to Civil Liberties, and you can see that the ACLU gave him a -0%- rating. Putting McCain on a dem ticket is happy talk out of the media. He will never adopt Kerry's views nor endorse the DNC platform. Lieberman is still hurting from his capitulation to Gore.

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) had no problem answering questions - this is why I think he is the perfect VP choice. (See a post a couple headers down.) "I'm liberal and proud of it. Get me a drink." I understand W doesn't have alcohol at state dinners - boy, that data would be normalized real quick if Kennedy gets in office.

Sen Joe Biden (D-DE) refused. The interest groups indicate pro-abortion, pro-animal rights, low ratings on tax reform, and the ACLU likes him while conservative groups do not. But my gut feel is that he is too smart (or savvy - I refuse to accept that people who are intellectually dishonest in their public positions can be smart) to carry the water for a buffoon like Kerry.

Now Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) is a classic dem. He would also sell his soul to carry anyone's water at the national level. Abortions should always be legal, pile money into public schools, and ban semi-automatic weapons "except when being used for hunting." How does one determine that phrase? Must I have a valid hunting license when I buy the gun or only when the gun inspector comes? Rendell always has been and always will be a political whore and loud mouth. Perfect match for Kerry. "Uh, Mr. Kerry, what's our position today?" (btw - true story - he just got pulled over for the 9th time on the Penna. Turnpike for having his limo traveling at speeds in excess of 100 mph. such abject disdain for the safety of other people.)

I'll hit some more folks soon ...

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