Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Kerry gets a new plane. Wow.

I was on The Command Post and saw a link to an article about Kerry getting a new plane. Figured it was a slow news day. Then thought, "perfect story for Kerry. It's an inanimate object. No fear of flip-flopping; no floating dumb and dumber ideas." The link to the USA Today article came back with an intra-USA Today error.

So, being a truly slow news day, I put the search string into Google and back comes an article from ABC News.

Wow. I cannot fathom what would prompt either a campaign or a news organization to publish such an article. It portrays the Kerry campaign like children, and the writer of the article like a toddler. You just have to read it to believe it.

One thing that rubs against my grain is the cost of this plane. A 757, two bars, first-class seats generally throughout. What was the price tag? Did people who donated to the campaign hoping to fund the "Kerry Message" (whatever that is)? Did an elderly widow's hard-parted-with $20 go towards painting the logo? Instead, they have paid for Kerry and his butler to travel in comfort. What a waste of money; how sad.

One bit of news, at least to me: Kerry has a catch-phrase, the "Real Deal." I almost fell off the couch laughing at this. You just know that Bullwinkle puts on that "serious" face, the "I'll kick some butt" look in his formerly furrowed forehead, when he says, "I'm the Real Deal." Oh my. Boxing fans out there? When Evander Holyfield took his chiseled body and said he was the real deal, you knew exactly what he meant. You knew not to ask for clarification. Kerry the real deal? Any real deal? He should get off Madison Avenue and onto Main Street.

"Kerry turned serious as he recalled Vietnam 'Freedom Birds' which took soldiers home. The Senator then proclaimed, 'This is my freedom bird now.'" Oh, my sides are hurting. Is this guy for real? "Today, I come before you as the Real Deal. It rained this morning. See that puddle? That reminds me of a rice paddy I once had described to me when I was in Vietnam. As an officer, a leader of men, I never saw that rice paddy myself, of course ..."

This is the last line of the article: "And while the Kerry campaign has dubbed the new plane 'Freedom Bird,' many in the press corps still prefer 'Hair France.'" The last line. Can you believe it? How unprofessional is that? It's kinda cute, not funny in a lasting way. Juvenile, actually.

This article is an embarrassment to Kerry and ABC News.

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