Friday, May 21, 2004

The Narrow Vision of the Media and Liberals

I got working on things other than this blog. The Prison Labor blog, the garden, making a trough water-tight (ten patches and counting). As I sat here I finally realized why. The idea came from an e from a friend. She has been very busy with the end of the school year (another teacher) and with her dad's recuperation. She asked me what was going on in the election, said she felt like she was losing touch with all of that. I wrote her back and told her of the disconnect between W's patience and a 24-hour news cycle. The is like a large dog that eats constantly. W knows November is a few months away. W knows that Labor Day is a turning point. W knows that his re-election hinges not on today's hot story, but on macro-economic issues like the economy and the war on terror. I told my friend to feel good about checking out for a while.

So I am browsing to see what stories are floating to the top, and I read a story about Kerry thinking of postponing his nomination so he can circumvent campaign spending rules, allowing him to exhaust the money he raised before he has the federal restrictions placed on him.

My first thought was, how arrogant. This is his as a matter of right? Weren't the minions mumbling about a brokered convention? This old news was bolstered by a bit on Inside the Beltway - Hilary is the left-leaning dems choice, not Bullwinkle.

My second thought was, must be a slow news day. Drudge also reported this story about the coronation delay. And by the way, what does "Let America be America" mean? Isn't it the dems that paper the walls with laws and regulations? Isn't it the dems that want judges making decisions about abortion and same-sex marriage rather than America?

So I got to thinking about how narrowly the dems and the press report life. I went to Nexis and searched the "major newspapers" for "Nick Berg." Got 267 hits. Same source, but now I searched for "Iraq Prisoner Abuse." The search truncated at 1,000 hits. We interrogate some prisoners using humiliation techniques and it is more newsworthy than cutting off an American's head and sending the videotape to the net? Clearly an agenda underlies the unbalance.

Since I am on Nexis, I searched for "Kerry Misery Index." Remember that? Boy, talk about a losing idea. 9 hits. Funny, drop the word "index" and leave "Kerry misery" - 3 more stories get picked up. "Kerry loser" gets 70!! (Note - on all of these searches I am doing single-word Boolean with "and" rather than quotes strings.)

So anyway, we've established that Kerry is a loser. Back to the narrowed visions.

William E. Jackson, Jr., puts the NYT on the spot and quite deservedly. The NYT is all for Ahmad Chalabi. Jackson quotes an intra-paper e-mail"

"In fact, one must painfully recall the now famous May 1, 2003, e-mail to the paper's Baghdad Bureau Chief John Burns from star Times reporter in Iraq, Judith Miller, who wrote: 'I've been covering Chalabi for about 10 years, and have done most of the stories about him for our paper. ... He has provided most of the front page exclusives on WMD to our paper.'"

Ouch. But the real rub is still to come - quoting the NYT: "The Bush administration should have known what it was doing when it gave enormous credence to a questionable character whose own self-interest was totally invested in getting the Americans to invade Iraq. ..."

Man. These people are pathetic. Can't admit a mistake if their life depended on it.

Apologies? Remember the hue and cry for apologies from W and Rumsfeld? Where's my apology from Bubba because I had to explain to my 8 year daughter what a "blow job" was? No, I didn't tell her. But she asked. I have never forgiven that pig for entering that phrase in the lexicon of American youth. Yeah, I knew the words when I was young. But I never uttered them. I can still taste the soap my gramma crammed into my mouth for another set of words, and that was almost 40 years ago.

How big a story is the collapse of Air America? Boy, it sure took off like a shiny airliner with full press fanfare. From the papers, who would know that they miss payrolls, the founders are bolting, they are losing stations and advertisers?

I guess I am just fed up with the narrow, mindless, biased reporting of the media. I'll get over it. Right now I am just tired of these fools. And it is only May!!!! God strengthen us all.

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