Monday, May 10, 2004

Picking a fight with the wrong dog

Democrats just don't get it. The Bible does not support abortion. It fact, it is quite clear in its condemnation of it. It isn't a matter of privacy - it is matter in stopping a process that left uninterrupted would result in a new human being.

Further, the Bible teaches us that God has little interest in "Sunday Christians." American politicians have long worn their religion on sleeve, boldly going into church with a look of seriousness, emerging with a look of deep thought. The deep thought loosened, apparently, within hours, perhaps even minutes.

I recall Clinton doing that on Easter Sunday a few years ago, and then met Monica with a little afternoon fun. I recall Howard Dean sharing the depth of his Biblical analysis as he said something like, "we think ..." as he talked about possible alternative endings to the book of Job and his pedagogical grasp on those variations. Both men thought supporting a right to end the life of a fetus was only natural.

Everyone knows the church is finally taking a stand on this dichotomy saying, in essence, you want to benefit from associating yourself with our name - then you must adhere to our teachings. No Sunday Christians need apply. Seems reasonable enough.

Some politicians don't like it. Feels it is bringing religion into politics. Bummer. I think the politicians did that some time ago. I have no sympathy whatsoever.

Where this gets interesting is with whom the politicians are fighting. Trace the dictates back into the Vatican and you find Cardinal Francis Arinze. Cardinal Arinze, it seems, is a contender to be the next pope.

Ut-oh. Isn't this like being a tad cocky in a bar and then realizing your flippant remarks were addressed to Mike Tyson?

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