Wednesday, June 16, 2004

American Jews & Republicans

It has always amazed me that American Jews vote for dems. I couldn't then (as many as 25 years ago) and can't now justify their consistent voting patterns. I think that my inability to understand lies in differences among humans - some of us act in the short term with an eye always on the long term; others care not for tomorrow. I certainly act for my own short-term gratification more often than I care to admit, but regardless, the broad stroke of my actions - and always my political actions - are for the long-term advancement of my interests.

I have little hesitation in assigning pubs to the "long-term" column and dems to the "short-term" column. Just look at the supporters of dems - labor unions who would just as soon drive a company out of business than accept a higher co-pay on dental work; environmental groups that would rather allow brush to accumulate on the forest floor in the name of "preserving nature" today in spite of creating tomorrow's uncontrolled fire hazard; and supporters of a "women's choice" to kill a perfectly healthy and blameless fetus, which supporters will also march against capital punishment for mass murders (I guess there is some consistency there - a person has the right to murder with some measure of impunity; amazing, never thought of it that way before).

So do Jewish people, like some single-celled organism, look only to the short term? Ben Shapiro certainly thinks so and dates it to FDR. But his more interesting point is the Jewish people's antagonism with Christianity. They feel, Shapiro contends, that Christians believe that Jews are going to Hell for their rejection of Jesus as the Messiah. Shapiro goes on to cite the many reasons why Christians are the Jewish people's best ally in this world. I agree. I am a Christian. I have no conditions upon my support of Israel. They could nuke France and I would presume they had a good reason. OK, bad example. You get my point.

Need more proof of who supports Israel and who does not? Let's play Jeopardy. Answer: United Nations; Question: What is the body most liked by the dems and most disliked by the pubs? So in that vein, consider the implications of the UN telling Caterpillar where to get off. Seems that the UN thinks the Israeli's use of Caterpillar bulldozers to mow down orchards somehow implicates Caterpillar. Does this implicate the concrete manufacturer in the security wall? The cotton producer that provides raw materials for the clothing of soldiers? The UN for overseeing an oil-for-food program that diverted monies to buy weapons? No wait, bad example.

Point is this - today's Republican Party will support Israel and American Jewry without condition; the Democrat Party is purely quid pro quo. Think about it when you vote.

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