Thursday, July 29, 2004

Even into the darkest of caves, a little light must shine.

I many times give up hope that liberals will ever think outside themselves long enough to consider the realities of the world, to view things as they may be rather than how they presume them to be. Then I read this article that asks "What if Bush is Right?" Now my world is peaceful again.

Some liberals can think. How refreshing. It’s a very good read.

But it does conjure another question: What if Kerry is right? Well, that’s easy – right about what? He doesn’t stand for anything that is decisive or divisive. He stands for everything. Life begins at conception, but abortion is A-OK! How cute. Doesn’t that require a response to the dismissal of the culpability for the cessation of life?

Rather reminds me of when my daughter was 4 and we would talk about life. I could get her to like anything, or at least say she did. But when left to her own devices, she made decisions. When left alone, out of the glare of daddy, she did things that didn’t help daddy to be happy.

You don’t think Kerry would actually do anything if elected, do you? Do you think he might actually make decisions? Well, it sure would be nice to know before he gets elected, eh?

Anyway, the article is a great read. Reminds me of splunkering in Colossal Cave – turn R and find Lantern.

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