Thursday, July 15, 2004

Inside Politics: Missing Quote

Greg Pierce at Inside Politics has a piece I am sharing in full text below.

Missing quote

"Mr. Speaker, leave it to the former head of the KGB to inject a little common sense into the American presidential race — and leave it to the partisan American media to ignore it," Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina Republican, said yesterday on the House floor.

"During the recent [Group of Eight] summit in Georgia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said to a gathering of the news media — and I quote — 'I am deeply convinced that President Bush's political adversaries have no moral right to attack him over Iraq.'

"I did not find this quote in the New York Times or The Washington Post because they refused to report it. I didn't find it broadcast on CBS or NBC or ABC News either. I found this quote in China Daily, straight from Beijing," the congressman said.

"You could have found the same quote in some Russian publications as well, including Pravda and the British-based Reuters news service. But you could not find that quote in the American media except for one outlet — CBN (My Aisling Note - Christian Broadcast Network).

"It's a sorry day for American journalism when they find themselves out-balanced by their counterparts in communist China and Russia. It's also a new low for partisan media bias."

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