Friday, July 30, 2004

Kerry's Thump

Real Clear Politics sums up Kerry's speech: "... America saw too much of John Kerry ...". From the same post, you can link to Zogby's new stats - Kerry by 5. What was that thump? Did you hear a thump outside?

Kerry needed to break through, to establish his supremacy. He seems to have failed. His resume ended at age 24. That presumes that a lieutenant with about 120 days in theatre is better positioned than someone who has been commander-in-chief through two wars. A lieutenant with camera in hand, reintroducing himself to recent areas of engagement to reenact scenes – this must have put his charges in harm’s way, wasn’t it frowned upon by the higher-ups? This guy is just illogical and self-serving.

And I’m not sure why this photo bothers me so much, but it does. My first reaction was that the difference in mouth positions means that the backdrop photo was a stage. If it is just a difference in timing between speaking and relaying to the screen, then it must have been very disconcerting to watch. So I suspect it was a staged pic. And it is that which disturbs me. How often did Kerry stand there in the same suit, at attention? How many pics were taken? And to top it all off, for me – this is a man that condemned war, that called our vets war criminals, that protested while others died. For him to stand there in a soldier’s pose is an insult to me. I remember instantly my father who served in Korea. He was on the front lines. Scarred, shot at, shooting. Never looked for a way out. Served his time until the government told him it was time to leave. Didn’t come home and complain – he went to work. For Kerry to run on his “war record” is pathetic.

Over and out.

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