Saturday, July 3, 2004

Moore: Master of his Domain?

I am being so terribly lazy today. Sitting back watching the Yankees ... darn, the Mets just this second hit a 3-run home run to go up 4-3. That's OK, the JV needs to feel good for a little while. The grown-ups will finish the game. Anyway, I am doing more reading than writing. As much as I don't care to talk about the A-V Studio, plastic-pocket protector reject Michael Moore, I will let someone else do the talking. You have to love the phrase at the end of the excerpt below, "half-educated, vindictive buffoon." Seems to include so much historical aimlessness, present-tense untethered hatred, and future helplessness in just four words. You know just by looking at him that he doesn't use anywhere near enough deordorant. You also know that with his newfound millions and liberal-elite stardom that he has a lot of sex - too bad he is usually alone when it happens. Ah, the Yankees just went up 6-4; Jeter's up with a guy on 3d. It's a good day.

The following section was taken from a longer piece written by Victor Davis Hanson. (All due respect, Victor, but I never understood the double last name for a guy. I figure you either take your wife's surname or keep your own - I kept my maiden name. You can do whichever you please, but you should pick one.)

The So-Called Loyal Opposition

We are in dangerous times, because beyond the normal Democratic/Republican, Left/Right natural give-and- take, there is now a growing and very crazy New, New Left. It has transcended both the old Marxism of the 1930s and the counterculture of the 1960s, and transmogrified into a strange sort of aristocratic, boutique damnation of Main Street, USA.
These furious critics of America are heiresses, work at trendy foundations, and include movie stars, upscale academics like a Chomsky, or global currency gougers such as George Soros. Al Gore's recent bouts of insanity are a metaphor of the scary era we are in.

But who is the real new Democratic guru that best reflects the new Know-Nothingness? We should judge a Michael Moore not just by what he says, but what he does every time he freelances without his publicists and handlers. At a time of war, he scoffs at 9-11 as if the wrong Americans were dying (If someone did this [9/11] to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE for him!).

He praises our enemies who are beheading innocents in Iraq. (The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not "insurgents" or "terrorists" or "The Enemy." They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush?)

He shows contempt for our dead who fought and died for the right of Iraqis to vote. ("I'm sorry, but the majority of Americans supported this war once it began and, sadly, that majority must now sacrifice their children until enough blood has been let that maybe - just maybe - God and the Iraqi people will forgive us in the end.").

He slurs civilian workers like Nick Byrd and Paul Johnson who were trying to help rebuild Iraq. ("Those are not contractors in Iraq. They are not there to fix a roof or to pour concrete in a driveway. They are MERCENARIES and SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE").

He has contempt for Americans outside his circle of sycophants: "They are possibly the dumbest people on the planet . . . "We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance. We don't know about anything that's happening outside our country. Our stupidity is embarrassing."

The problem with this war was never the material resources of the United States, the skill and courage of our soldiers, or even the support of the majority of the American people between San Francisco and New York. Indeed, we have the will, military power, and economic resources to crush our enemies - should we choose to. Rather the rub was always the lack of communication by our leaders who have a responsibility each day to counter popular superstition, half-truths, and misconception - and to do so with unapologetic audacity.

They do try. But so far it has simply not been enough. And the result of this Dukakis-like paralysis is that a half-educated, vindictive buffoon like Michael Moore and all the ignorance that he stands for have captivated a foolish cultural elite. Let us face it: the Left in this country has gone absolutely crazy. Without worries of rebuke or censure, the dinosaurs of the 1960s really do wish us to give one final gift of their wisdom and humanity - and so does its best to bring us a repeat of American choppers fleeing the embassy roof, circa 1975, with millions left behind awaiting death, reeducation camps, and exile.

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