Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Say it ain’t so, Linda.

Linda Ronstadt opened her mouth at a concert and received a bum’s rush afterward. She said something about supporting Moore before she sang “Desparado.” How pathetic. While she continued to sing, the owner of the casino had her bags packed, and when the concert was finished, guards escorted her from backstage to her bus.

Those “artists” that view such actions as censorship should read the constitution. It isn’t censorship until the government does it. The owner of the hotel acted consistent with the way these same artists act when they draw up a guest list to a dinner. If the host doesn’t want politics or religion discussed, or only wants a particular vein of politics or religion discussed, then that is their prerogative.

When I get invited into their house to discuss how the few people made homeless pursuant to supply-side economics is a good thing in light of the prosperity of the many, and they let me stay through dessert, then I’ll listen to them as they spout about being muzzled on someone else’s stage.

Anyway, the worse was yet to come. In her after-bum’s-rush comments, she shares that when she finds out that Republicans and “fundamental” Christians are in the audience, her artistic enjoyment takes a hit. Wow. Then she tells us all to get more informed on the issues. Perhaps she meant Moore informed.

I feel badly for Linda. After all, I feel I owe her something. She got me through some challenging years of puberty with her Blue Bayou and Tumbling Dice renditions. All post-Stone Ponies. But those memories go {poof!} real quickly when you see a current picture of her. She’s got that bovine-round-head-gimme-an-apple look about her. I’m sure she can run up a hefty food tab at Denny’s.

But her crack about pubs and Christians is simply amazing. It is divisive and elitist. It is discriminatory. Substitute Muslims for Christians and hear the hallways echo with ugly condemnations. Instead of Republicans, who they claim to be rich, white people, insert poor or people of color and hear the walls come crumbling down.

But none of that will happen because it is OK to denigrate Republicans and Christians. Being both, I guess I should feel put upon. Instead I feel sympathy for people like Linda. I’ll pray for her. Even as she despises me, I’ll pray for her.

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