Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Ship of Fools

I’ve thought about the orifice-emerging photo below. While it is comedic, I doubt it has the lasting power of Dukakis and the Tank. The Tank had the added benefit of casting doubt on whether a guy who looked like that could ever lead the country in military times. Kerry’s photo is simply unfortunate – similar to when you are sitting on the couch folding laundry, you’ve got a pair of your wife’s underwear in hand and the pic makes it look like you are trying to figure out if they fit you or not. That’s just dumb – you already know if they fit.

But now Kerry is making a real mistake. He’s going “dark” during August.

Despite all the hoopla about his fundraising reaching beyond all expectations, his cash-on-hand was always short of W’s. And since he can now only use federal funds, he never did anything, seemingly, but collect money. I heard several times of media blitzes and him introducing himself – and since I live in Pennsylvania, I expected to see a lot of his Bullwinkle mug. Literally – perhaps one commercial during the entire summer. Yet I’ve seen plenty of W.

Darth Kerry and Anakin Edwards are now going to “conserve” the limited federal funds. W, during the same August period, will presumptively spend with abandon. The effect will be to take whatever bounce The Dark Side gets out of the convention and turn it into a dead-cat thud. By the time the end of August comes, W will have erased any afterglow from the DNC convention and will set the stage for his own significant bounce going into Labor Day.

“Going dark” will ensure that people will not warm up to Kerry and will continue to vote against W rather than for Kerry. It may be the single most disastrous decision out of this ship of fools.

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