Saturday, August 21, 2004

Another one bites the dust.

A Marine analyzes the record of Kerry pulling Rassman from the water and presents a cogent timeline of events.

Mainsteam media: This is a puzzle. Call it a minimum information puzzle. You have four or five Swift Boats in a war zone. Each boat is approximately 50 feet in length and has no less than 6 men on board. The boats are traveling upstream in a river that is 75 yards wide. A subsequent written report claims that the enemy launched an ambush by firing weapons from both sides of the river. You pick the number of enemy troops and type of weapons used. At the end of the engagement, which can last as long you want it to, none of the Swift Boat crew members nor any of the boats have received injuries or damage from the enemy fire. Specifically, the enemy bullets made no holes in man or boat. Question: How many enemy troops were involved in the ambush and what type of weapons did they use?

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