Saturday, August 14, 2004

Another reason

And another reason Kerry will never be elected - his RADAR is way out of whack. As of yesterday, several people were dead from Charley. We all knew it was headed to the US border. We all knew it was strong. OK, not as strong and deadly as it became, but strong.

What did Kerry say? Well, I can't get it on a regular AP search anymore (was it pulled?), but I found it on Nexis. When asked what he was going to do, he said this yesterday: "One of the things that keeps me going, is knowing I got a free day tomorrow, and I'm going wind surfing," he said.

How sensitive.

Here's the Nexis specs: Copyright 2004 Associated Press, The Associated Press State & Local Wire, August 13, 2004, Friday, BC cycle, SECTION: State and Regional, LENGTH: 733 words, HEADLINE: Kerry gets a rousing welcome in Portland, BYLINE: By ANDREW KRAMER, Associated Press Writer, DATELINE: PORTLAND, Ore.

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