Friday, August 13, 2004

Christmas in Cambodia Update

Kerry doesn't sound convincing when he squeals.

He simply cannot say that he was never in Cambodia. That would be an exit-stage-right moment. So the press is going to report this weekend through his Tour of Duty author that the date was wrong - it was during January 1969. Remember the timeline - Kerry had a very limited window within which to have done this secret mission.

The Kerry Haters blog does an outstanding job of recounting Kerry's whereabouts during January (drift down to Thursday, 8/12, "Christmas ..."). Bottom line: there doesn't seem to have been an opportunity to have visited in Cambodia.

Regrdless, the liberal press will play that angle as an important one. But to us right-thinking folks ...

... it really doesn't matter at this point. Kerry didn't previously say that he was in Cambodia "during December," or in "late 1968." He pegged it to Christmas. That is an event - not a time. Particularly since it was the first and only Christmas he spent in a war zone. I can tell you what I did on my 18th, 21st, 30th birthday, I can recall last Christmas and even several Christmases (Christmae?) ago. Memories are pegged to events, not times. Ask me about when I was 40, not the spring of 1999.

When Kerry tells me he recalls Christmas of 1968, that it is seared in his mind, I might believe him. When he changes that searing memory to January 1969, he loses me.

January 1969? The Beatles were in the studio, remember?

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