Friday, August 6, 2004


Some time ago, when doesn’t matter but it wasn’t too terribly long ago, John Zogby said Kerry would win the election. Now comes his “analysis” of why Kerry got no bounce – there was none to get.

How utterly lacking in depth. Only a man steeped in data like so much Scottish tea inside a closed pot can so completely lose sight of his environs.

Fortunately, by the same logic, Zogby claims that W will get no bounce – and that will be proven incorrect in just a couple of weeks. It will be curious, in a psychological-analysis-is-this-guy-organically-dysfunctional way to read his reasoning as to where W’s bounce came from. Remember this: it will be discounted as statistically insignificant (which never came up with Kerry) or, if too large for that, ethereal and quickly to pass.

Kerry’s lack of a bounce had a reason, and Krauthammer explains it nicely.

And now, with Medalgate being more focused, Kerry needs to do something he never has: Shut up, sign the DD180, let the dogs at his full military record, and allow the chips to fall where they will.

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