Friday, August 6, 2004

Hey, Johnny, little football?

Hey, Johnny, heads up.
Hey, Johnny, here’s my military records. Where’s yours?
Hey, Johnny, how about the “worst economy since the Great Depression?”
Hey, Johnny, how about that Iraqi quagmire?
Hey, Johnny, give any good speeches lately?
Hey, Johnny, if you go to NASA, remember – no cameras when you have the bunny suit on.
Hey, Johnny, good rule – keep the wife at home.
Hey, Johnny, 9/11, before you criticize me for sitting with children for 7 minutes, make sure you weren’t sitting with liberal senators “not being able to think” for over 40 minutes.
Hey, Johnny, how’s that go, I’m kinda fuzzy on it – life starts today, abortion ok tomorrow?
Hey, Johnny, little hint, you won’t have much luck deer hunting crawling on your belly with a shotgun.
Hey, Johnny, in case you hadn’t noticed – Hillary really doesn’t care for Teresa.
Hey, Johnny, maybe you should’ve bought those swiftboat guys a few drinks instead of traipsing off to make action films, eh?
Hey, Johnny, Senator Edwards. Wow. Really, I mean it. Wow. Such, um, gravitas.
Hey, Johnny, listen, after the new year I’m gonna need a new ambassador to France. Interested?

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