Wednesday, August 11, 2004

No news fit to print.

I have surfed the news site, am watching the 700 Club ... nothing worth linking.

Kerry has hired 2,000 lawyers to spring on Florida? Answer: Hugh Hewlitt - if it isn't close, they can't cheat.

I listened to Sean Hannity for an hour yesterday lead the Swiftboat guys through Kerry's career; now the 700 Club is airing Day Two of its interviews with the guys. It's amazing to me the depth of Kerry's dysfunction. If he actually staged his walking around with a gun just for filming himself "in theatre" (parading with fragmentation grenades draped on a swifty, no less) - that itself is enough to leave him in a back alley bruised and in a fetal position. Let's not even discuss his April 22, 1971, Senate testimony and his Cambodia Fantasy.

I will grant Kerry one thing - he is bringing Vietnam into focus. The shame unfairly cast upon a generation of our brethren may finally find its malignant root.

The dems should be ashamed of themselves. I have more important things to do - my shoes need shining, I need to pet my dog, I'm thinking of shifting my position on the couch ... maybe I'll be more cooperative later. Enjoy your days, folks.

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