Monday, August 2, 2004

Random Notes.

Kerry got no bounce from the convention. The best part of the story is the last time this happened – George McGovern in 1972. How appropriate to lump these two liberal icons together.

Kerry offers the easy and cheap criticism that W isn’t moving quickly enough on the 9/11 Panel recommendations. So if an attack squeaks through, Kerry can say, “I told you so.” If nothing squeaks through, Kerry can say, “we are not invulnerable, more can be done.” Playing off the fears of people. How mindless and insulting.

Ouch!! You know you are in trouble when the Canadian press disses you and says W will win. What a burden that must be to Kerry. I read yesterday a comment somewhere about the day after Kerry loses he’ll be nursing the cleat marks on his back as Hillary and Edwards begin their sprints towards 2008.

Maybe I’m too cynical, but I found the entire concept of Kerry filming his Vietnam experiences to be the absolute height of arrogance and delusion. How can you play war games in a war zone? Perhaps I am a risk averter, but how can anyone justify the potential of a soldier being wounded by enemy fire because a low-grade officer decides to return to a hot spot to make a film for his personal use?

Our soldiers do so much good in Iraq that it is sad the dems can only condemn the effort there. To borrow the PBS slogan, if we don’t do it, who will? The French? Gimme a break. Watch for the Russians to join us in late September – we will focus on humanitarian efforts, they will focus on police work.

The Bible is clear on how male and female relationships are to be structured. The Vatican is just putting it in context of today’s society. For those “feminists” that reject the Bible’s teachings, I submit that most men read the part of Ephesians that has women subservient to men, and chose to ignore the verses immediately thereafter that require men to serve women. Yes, men can be pigs. But don’t blame the Vatican for commenting on one part of the problem.

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