Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Sweaty fatboy Michael Moore has an opinion piece today in USA Today. You can get it from the "Political Opinions" link to the right (it takes you to Real Clear Politics). The title is, "The GOP Doesn't Reflect My America."

I refuse to read it. I'm not a journalist so I don't have to read it to comment upon it. Oh, wait. Chris Matthews never read "Unfit for Command" and he had entire shows devoted to it. Maybe I am a journalist. Anyway ...

The DNC Convention had the protesters several blocks away in an area both caged and closed in with plywood. No one could see in or out very well. The RNC Convention is allowing the protesters to march in the open to their hearts' content.

The DNC Convention told its speakers to not criticize the president. The RNC Convention hasn't controlled the speech of its speakers.

The Kerry Campaign and DNC have threatened to sue television stations that air the Swift Boat ads. They have told the publisher of "Unfit" to pull the book. They have alleged the Swiftees have illegally coordinated activties with the president's campaign. W has sat back and accepted month after month after month of vile, baseless claims - Hitler?

The DNC Convention puts up Glenn Close to speak of the September 11 attacks; the RNC Convention puts up the wife of a passenger, the sister of a pilot, and the wife of a fireman.

Michael Moore is free to say the GOP does not represent his America. But I shudder to think what his America would be like: party-dictated books, party-dictated speeches, party-dictated demonstrations, party-selected victims.

I am quite happy to coexist with clowns like Moore. Just take a shower and use some deordorant before you get too close.

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