Saturday, August 28, 2004

Two articles to share, then I am out of here for the night. I have worked on getting ready for class all day, I'm sweaty, and, well, whatever. Two articles and I am out of here.

I like it when the press finally says what I have been saying for months. Mark Steyn is clear: More pub seats in the House, a couple more in the Senate, and four more for W. He recognizes that W is consistently misunderestimated. He's an old poker player than knows precisely what he is doing. Hear, hear.

And then the left, Donna Brazile via Newsweek tells us exactly how to beat W and in the process tells us - unwittingly - exactly why the dems lose and lose.

Her advice on debates: "Lots of smiles and absolutely no narrowing of the eyes, sighs or glancing at his watch." Read it again: "Lots of smiles (Clinton) and absolutely no narrowing of the eyes (Gore), sighs (Gore) or glancing at his watch (George the Elder)." Absolutely no imagination. All they can do is look over their shoulder and see what worked and what didn't work and then suggest a repeat or avoidance. That's dumb.

Next, she writes: "But to defeat George W. Bush, Team Kerry-Edwards must do four things well ..." She then goes on to name them: Message Matters, Minimize Mistakes, Debates, and ... well there wasn't a fourth. Only three. Guess they count either.

These people will be lucky to be around in a decade.

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