Thursday, August 19, 2004

Venezuela Code.

This AP piece gives some insight to the specific claims of the Venezuela opposition:

"Rampersad [an anti-Chavez lawmaker] claimed touch-screen voting machines in at least 500 polling sites produced the exact same number of 'yes' votes in favor of ousting Chavez, a result he said was statistically impossible. He said the supposed finding indicated the machines were rigged to impose a ceiling on 'yes' votes."

Note that a "yes" vote was a vote in support of the recall - to remove Chavez from office.

Carter and the OAS are going to audit by comparing the paper receipts generated by the voting machines with the voting machine internal results. The opposition says this is a waste of time because, as noted in a previous post, the country's national guard took possession of everything. The chain of custody has fallen into questionable hands. The opposition wants the code itself inspected and accordingly thinks Jimmy's approach to be flawed.

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