Monday, August 9, 2004

Without a DD180, only his hairdresser knows for sure.

I started out the morning reading Robert Novak’s piece on Deconstructing Kerry's war record. It caught my eye initially because the intro on mentioned that he had read Unfit for Command.

The article is fine, not very illuminating, but seems to be establishing a base from which to launch future missiles. With this assessment evolving in my mind as I read, the last paragraph convinced me: “Unfit for Command sends a devastating message, unless effectively refuted. Perhaps most disturbing are allegations that Kerry's combat decorations are unjustified. His first Purple Heart, the book alleges, was accidentally self-inflicted. His commander, Grant Hibbard, is quoted as saying: ''I didn't recommend him for a Purple Heart. Kerry probably wrote up the paperwork and recommended himself.'' Full release of documents demanded by his critics could settle this claim quickly if it is unwarranted.”

“Kerry probably wrote up the paperwork and recommended himself.” Is that legal? I started to research it, remembering that I had come across the requirements for a Purple Heart earlier (and are linked in some post a few months old). I stopped when I realized that the rules in 2004 would not be relevant to 1968/1969. It’s a great question – did he recommend himself?

I did read somewhere – not worth linking because it was idle speculation – that perhaps Kerry forged his CO’s signature. If he did, his candidacy is over. What a glorious mushroom cloud that would be on the horizon. How could the party recover? Would Edwards step up? Would the Torch Option be used and Hillary the Hun step in? Hey, since CNN can’t read the constitution and they think Bill Clinton qualifies for VP, could we have an all-Clinton ticket (well, right, the constitution doesn’t change just because CNN can’t read – he doesn’t qualify)?

During my morning travels, I came across a forum that I found interesting. Seems to be mostly vets voicing some of the usual banter, but there is also some genuine, heartfelt sentiments written by guys who served. You need to go to the bottom of the page to begin reading the posts.

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