Saturday, September 18, 2004

I am busy writing of First Amendment issues for my day job. I was so struck by personal feel of this post from thoughtsonline, I just lifted it word-for-word. Enjoy:

The story of Kerry's 1970 visit with the North Vietnamese in Paris WHILE HE WAS STILL IN THE MILITARY might finally be starting to get some traction. While still in the military, Kerry went to Paris and met with representatives of our enemy. Not only was doing so illegal, but it encouraged our enemy to hang tough during negotiations, ensuring that the fighting continued and the deaths of more American soldiers.It's not surprising that so few people are aware of this story. The media would Rather chase down some 35 year old letter written by Bush I to a TANG General than follow up on Kerry's 35 year old actions. Here's a question: which is more relevant to choosing between two candidates, whether one candidate's father may or may not have pulled some strings to get his son a Guard slot, or whether the other candidate himself engaged in illegal activities that directly led to the deaths of US servicemen?Recall how Kerry once asked, "How do you ask someone to be the last to die for a mistake". Well, Senator Kerry, how many US soldiers died because of your meetings? How many soldiers died because you gave the enemy hope? How many more soldiers would still be alive if you hadn't gone to Paris and, in effect, given the North Vietnamese the green light to keep killing our fathers, uncles, brothers, sons and brothers?I'd love an answer, but I'm not holding my breath. What Kerry did while he was in Vietnam was, to be charitable as Bush, was honorable. What Kerry did after he got back was the lowest of the low. Kerry has never apologized for what he did, he has never said that it was wrong. It's amazing that he thinks he deserves to be elected President. It's amazing that 40%+ of the voters seem to agree with him.It's times like this that make me think of Groucho Marx's line about not wanting to...P.S. I've got a relative who's planning on voting for Kerry, claiming that she doesn't care much for Bush. Well, 32 years ago, we were living on a USAF SAC base. Towards the end of the fighting, the B52s (not the band) were tasked with bombing North Vietnam. A number were shot down. Fathers of my friends never came home. I, along with my sisters, for years wore the POW bracelets from one of them. I wonder, had Kerry not gone to Paris...

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