Tuesday, September 7, 2004

I can't believe this guy is the dem nominee. Doesn't the party go in and help him run things once he gets the nod?

Kerry's site issued a press release yesterday, "The 2004 GOP Convention: Four Days Filled With Lies, Mischaracterizations, Distortions, And Half-Truths," For Immediate Release.

Incredibly long. It lists 143 separate items. Here are the first three:

"Convention Day 1
Bush is Good for Hispanics.
1. Fortuno: President Bush understands that that is why he believes in empowering Hispanics through improved education, better job opportunities, affordable health care and lower taxes.

2. Fortuno: And that's why President Bush believes in empowering the American citizens of Puerto Rico so that we can fulfill our aspirations regarding our political status.

Bush Funded Homeland Security for NYC After 9/11.

3. Bloomberg: I want to thank President Bush for supporting New York City in changing the Homeland Security Funding formula and for leading the global war on terrorism."

Whoops. Seems to be presented in a way that makes W look good. Also included were several quotes form McCain. In context, of course, the intent was to accuse each of these statements as being "Lies, Mischaracterizations, Distortions, And Half-Truths."

So now McCain is a liar? Wow. Finally picking his team, yes. But a liar?

Someone figured out that the press release was a bad idea, but not before it was captured in full text by the Blogosphere.

Isn't the freedom of the press grand?

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