Friday, September 17, 2004

I'm an old poker player. My new pajama-person motto: "You trust your mother, but you cut the cards." Thanks, Dan-o.

Anyone read Outdoor Life? The latest issue has an interview with Kerry talking about the "Communist Chinese Assault Rifle" he owns. This clown comes more into focus everyday. It is ok for him to own such weapons - just not for the rest of us. We must be stoopid or sumtin.

But continuing to talk about Kerry loses its appeal. I just wish the stakes weren't so high. Otherwise, the guy would fade into the sunset just like John Edwards has. Did Edwards take the nomination and is now off building a base for 2008? He certainly isn't stirring up the electorate for Kerry. Why is the press ignoring him?

So on to another topic. Why is the world goading Israel to attack Iran? The latest shot: "Sometime in the next year or two, Israel is going to have to make a decision. Will it accept that Iran has nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them against Israel? Or will it do what it did to Iraq's developing nuclear capability in 1981 and bomb it out of existence?".

This follows on the heels of:

Our State Department visits Israel to discuss the Iran's nuclear program. Note the continuing support of Iran by Russia. Anyone read the last book of the Christian Bible?

Russia's press not just supports Iran, but takes us to task as well. And since the "free" press has been all but shut down in Russia, guess whose opinion is being voiced?

What to read something frightening on this topic? The Swiss recap the situation and with apparent calm and reason tell us, "no worries" - Iran would not go pre-emptive against Israel. Ever look into the eyes of a clinically insane person and see calm, reason, thoughtfulness? Methinks Switzerland (didn't Kerry live there for a while? Before he went to Vietnam?) should take a rest in the Nervous Hospital.

But not to worry, the Swiss are not alone - CBS reports (through AP) that Iran is standing down: "The diplomats, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said the Islamic Republic tentatively agreed to re-impose a freeze on making, testing and assembling centrifuges used to enrich uranium." AP? These are the people that reported that the crowd booed and W did nothing to stop them after he announced President Clinton's need for surgery. Of course, the booing never occurred. CBS? Well, L. Brent Bozell just this moment on CBN News said, "the cover-up many times is worse than the crime." Isn't it funny how the Nixon label keeps on being applied to Kerry and the Libs during this election cycle?

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