Friday, September 3, 2004

Krauthammer makes A Case for Bush. Important for two reasons - it was published before the Convention and in Time Magazine. Think the libs will get it? Probably not - too direct, not nuanced enough, no depth of field.

At the bottom of this piece is the most amazing statement: "Former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland, who joined Mr. Kerrey in demanding Mr. Rove's resignation on behalf of the campaign, said the veterans attacking Mr. Kerry's war record have contributed to a spike in suicides, which, he says, has occurred among veterans." The paragraph was brought to my attention by Thoughts On-Line. As TOL points out, it is simply not possible to have the source data on suicides so quickly and, further, to correlate that data to th Swift Boat ads. It is just a pathetic statement on Cleland's part. I deal with unsubstantiated statements all the time: in my children, I guide and instruct; in my students, I depth-charge, then guide and instruct. As you get older, you are supposed to be more accountable. Too bad Max needs instruction.

The Silver Star with Combat "V" story may be a sleeper that could awake a monster. Is this yet another reason why Kerry won't sign the SF180 to release his full military records? While he's at it, he can fully release his medical records. Why all the secrecy?

Cogent argument for re-election; sophormoric accusations against the Swift Boat guys; refusal to disclose facts. Oh yeah, and McAuliffe said that the campaign shake-up is just "normal retooling for the final phase."

Kerry is in trouble.

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