Friday, September 3, 2004

The next big story? I have read several stories that add up to an interesting mosaic. First, while the United States and North Vietnam were negotiating peace in Paris, Kerry traveled there and met privately with the North Vietnamese. No one argues this. The next step is whether Kerry was discharged from the military at the time of the discussions. An apparent discrepancy exists between documents provided by Kerry and Navy records. Maybe Kerry wasn't discharged at the time. The difference is acting as a private citizen or a member of the armed services: questionable act v. court martial. Interesting enough, but that's not where the story ends. The next issue becomes what was discussed at those closed meetings. It seems that thereafter the two groups, the North Vietnamese and Kerry's group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, starting taking the same public stands, using the same words. Was Kerry that deep in bed with the enemy? The final layer, and this is the potentially next big story, is that the VVAW thought the meetings were so important that they audiotaped them and sold copies.

When will a tape or transcript float into the blogosphere's consciousness?

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