Monday, September 13, 2004

The Real Prize.

The dems are jumping ugly because W is on the cusp of fulfilling something he told his advisers in 1999. In order to make a lasting change, W said in private, a president needs to have two terms and needs to bring his party with him the whole way. Lasting change only occurs if the party makes the trip as well. And the party is also the philosophy. In this case: conservative philosophy.

(By the way, this is where Clinton showed his true colors – remember the triangulation policy? No one wins in the long term but Bubba. And they think misunderestimate is a revealing word.)

Anyway, now in 2004, W is living up to his potential and promises. He is gliding to re-election and the rising water is bringing the Congress along. The last I read, the dems and pundits no longer questioned whether the pubs would hold the Senate, but whether they would reach as high as 57 seats. Yes, that would be reaching the stars – but that is the conversation now, not whether the dems will assume the first position.

But the legislative branch is the Silver Medal. The dems see what is on the horizon – the Gold Medal of this election: the USSC.

Justice John Paul Stevens. 84 years old, a Supreme since 1975. Justice William H. Rehnquist. Will be 80 in October, a Supreme since 1972. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. 74 years old and rumblings of retiring, a Supreme since 1981.

A liberal; a conservative; and a moderate. Change that, under W2, to: a conservative; a conservative; and a conservative.

The resulting court will have a solid five seat conservative majority – and that’s on a bad day.

And then, horrors of horrors, who would be the Chief Justice appointed by W – the person who greatly influences through initial setting the agenda of the Court? Well, one of two people.

First, that conservative of conservatives, the man about town, originally hailing from Queens, New York, by way of Trenton, New Jersey, the Boun-CING Bam-BIN-o, T-T-the one, T-T-the on-lyyyyy, Antonin Scalia!! Sac-li-a!!!!

The other choice? Only the man destined to become the first African-American Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Hailing from Pin Point, Georgia. The second child and first son of M.C. Thomas and Leola Williams. The impeccable, the unforgettable, Mr. M-M-Mr. Clarence Thomas!! Thom-as!!!

And after a discussion with Joe Biden followed by a silent walk together in the woods, a lasting embrace and sad eyes, Terry McAuliffe retreats to his master bathroom, draws a warm tub, and lights a cigar - then he slips into the water and slits his wrists. Never a murmur, never a hesitation, never a protest.

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