Sunday, September 12, 2004

You know your campaign is in trouble when:

USN&WR writes about you: "Some of my friends are for the bill, and some of my friends are against the bill, and I'm always with my friends." And then gives plenty of examples.

An article in a paper in major city in a major swing state that your party carried in 2000 but is slightly losing in 2004 begins with: "Why is John Kerry running such a bad campaign?" And goes on to blame you, the candidate.

You insult our allies: "When they talk about a coalition--that's the phoniest thing I ever heard," and your wife calls half the electorate "idiots" (see a post below).

You give a pep rally to a high school football team, and they lose 34 to 7.

And who can overlook the chain of custody on those forged documents passing right through your campaign?

You thought August was bad, John, but September seems to be slipping away, too, eh?

Good thing you've got money because something suggests to me that you won't have too many friends when the party gets dragged through the electoral mud in November.

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