Monday, April 4, 2005

Canadian Government Blows a Gasket

... and loosens several screws in the process.

In order to preserve the sanctity of the criminal jury not yet empaneled for a trial that may not occur until fall 2005, the Canadian government (in the loose use of that phrase) is considering charging bloggers that discuss the testimony given by a charged defendant.

That's right - I do not believe their reasoning. I think there is a lot more there there, eh?

The chilling effect this heavy-handed, Gestapo tactic is having abounds. Here is a post from a blog that I will not name to protect his identity - "Okay.... I've been on edge all day, by this post by [REDACTED] pushed me past my limit. I'm pulling my posts on the Gomery Inquiry effective immediately. While I don't link to, name, or re-produce any of the banned post myself, I just feel uneasy."

Wow. How utterly amazing. The sheer arrogance. It will be fun to watch them fall.

Anyone within Canada with any information they need published - e me. Upper right hand side of this blog. Be glad to assist.

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