Saturday, April 2, 2005

Who is Paul Martin?

PM Martin testified in the Gomery Commission hearings and politics Canada reviewed it. He was the Finance Minister but had no insight into how money was spent – he just handed it out. He was vice-chair of the Treasury Board (even closer to the, um, graft) but didn’t attend many meetings – and of the 17 he did attend, the Sponsorship issue never came up. The issue that was fully one-half of the CCSB expenditures amounting to CN$250MM simply never came up.

Why the lack of insight? The inattention to detail that typically destroys most careers before they ever launch? Perhaps CN$161MM in government business to your personally owned corporations? Amazing.

Ah, but just today Martin calls to change the Treasury Board function “to its historic job as guardian of the public purse.” So, it seems it was OK for him to be checked out, but not the next guy in the job, eh?

Hey!!! Let’s have roasted liberal for dinner!! Methinks it’s time for a new government. Anyone agree?

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