Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mines that blow up and ruin gardens

Investor’s Business Daily has an outstanding article that ticks off 97 reasons the dems suck at defense. It puts into several-decade perspective the current threats we face. It is sadly ironic that Reagan developed mental issues and went mute, and Carter developed the same and can’t shut up.

Those Iranian guys are so funny. If anyone believes this drivel, they must be illiterate. It seems Iran is suggesting that they told Japan to go pound sand over a joint oil field development project. Iran is trying to say that they (Iran) took charge of the matter by revoking the agreement.

Japan said the off-shore area is littered with mines, and that Iran jacked the prices. Iran counters with, “mere excuses.” Excuses? Mines and body parts and reneging on price and cost structures are “excuses”?

It should have been no wonder that Iran changed the numbers. Get a load of their math skills: “In February 2004, Iran and Japan's Inpex Corp signed an agreement …” and “Japan should pay a fine for the five-year delay in implementation of the contract.” February 2004 to September 2006 is 32 months. Thirty-two months spread out over five of some unit of time (Iranian years) is 6.4 months per unit of time. It’s roughly half of the five-year delay cited. Hey Japan, did they about double the price? I understand the mine-infestation issue, but maybe you should cut them a break on dollars. It’s just a conversion thing from literate to illiterate dollars. You’re not against diversity in the workplace are you? Is this a Muslim thing?

Iran goes on in the article to downplay the role of Japan: “Iranian experts have the capacity to carry out the project at a lower cost and in a very short time” and “[T]he deal merely included drilling of a few wells and construction of an exploitation unit, saying ‘fortunately, it is easy for Iranian experts to drill wells...oil experts currently supervise more than 40 exploitation units.’”

Well, ladies, I’ve been around the block a lot. I’ve afraid of streets so I stick to my block. I know it very well. When someone downplays something as they do above, it suggests to me that the truth is exactly opposite. Ever see someone get punched and say, “that didn’t hurt”? Then you see them wince as they move. So I googled the oil field name and found this. The agreement in question was for US$2.8 billion. That’s a lot of “very short times” (obviously not measured in Iranian years) and “merely … drilling of a few wells.”

So why is Iran bolting, besides the fact that they are amoral? Iran let Japan in only to get billions of dollars in loans. The original deal was US$3B. Iran has already tapped that fully and got more. They have no use for Japan any longer.

Do business with swine, expect to get muddy. Good luck getting your money back!

This site is my favorite seed store to browse. They have vegetable seeds from around the world. It’s too bad I live on top of a culm dump (it’s like a narcissistic shale pit (it has Anthracite in its lineage, you know!)) and my garden yields armor-plated bounty. Tomatoes with a shell are not meant to be consumed.

I asked some geekhead years ago where to buy something. ZipZoomFly was the answer. I don’t think I bought anything from there because I thought the particular geekhead in question was a three-letter variant from that label losing one vowel in the process, but maintaining all substitute letters from the same first third of the alphabet. In fairness, the sit does seem to have a lot of stuff. I don’t know nothing about geek prices; judge for yourself. But they do have an open box section – that’s like the discount thingey at Giant where I buy pre-crushed Saltines and bulk cold medicines due to expire in 72 hours.

Speaking of good stuff cheap, this is the best price for pig ears that I could find. My dogs love them. Joking with my best buddy the other day (she’s mad at me right now, sigh): bumper sticker, “My Border Collie was Student of the Month at Your Kid’s School.”

Speaking of dogs, looks like we are going to build a fence at the US/Mexico border. The dems all voted against it. So funny. Catering to the vocal minority. A country is defined by its borders, ladies. Dennis Miller said on the other day that watching the border at night is like seeing the start of the Boston Marathon only everyone is wearing a poncho. I wonder how many cross-border tunnels we will find during the construction? The public accusation of funneling drugs is off the mark; illegal dem voters is the product coming through.

Enough. Bye.

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