Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Release the clowns!

John Kerry steps into it big time and then his staff tries to remove his boot from his mouth with the alleged proper text of his speech for which he misspoke virtually every word but the participles. I wish I could give you a link to the staff statement, but neither his official Senate site nor his official blog have anything. Regardless, American Thinker starts to assess the collateral damage.

Which is more consistent for Kerry – denigrating the military or making some vague reference to the collegiate performance of President Bush? Yeah, I know, nuance and all, but think about it: W’s grades were better and his IQ higher than John-boy. If Kerry was making an obscure reference, would he make it to a bunch of college kids that can’t even drink legally? He’d have to know that the facts would refute him. No, the statement stands for its plain meaning. He thinks only high school graduates go into the military but not “college material.” I don’t find it on his site, but Michael Savage said last night that 98% of those in the military have High School diplomas, while the general population is around 75%.

Kerry is simply amazing. A complete and utter buffoon. This is simple, folks. You are planning a dinner party. You think about the several guests and their personalities. You see it playing out in your head. Kerry won’t shut up and his wife is drunk with urine running down her leg as she stumbles throughout the room asking people to pull her finger. You scratch their names off the list. Do not erase them – you need to remember that you un-invited them. A single, bold line through their names will do it.

Poor John. Always a loser. I guess money can buy you love but not brains.

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