Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam go bye-bye

Saddam Hussein, word was just released officially, will be executed in about two-and-a-half hours. He’s going to swing (with two wing men – his half-brother and the former chief justice of his court) sometime between 530AM and 600AM local time (Zulu + 3; 930PM to 1000PM here). The Sun will rise at 706AM. So he’s seen his last sunrise. The Moon has already set and will not rise until after he is room temperature. No satellites for you! It is 34 degrees and clear right now, and going up to a high of 48.

Interestingly, astronomical twilight is set to begin at 537AM – just about the time the pod bay door is set to open under his feet. “Astronomical twilight” is defined to begin in the morning, and to end in the evening when the center of the Sun is geometrically 18 degrees below the horizon. Before the beginning of astronomical twilight in the morning and after the end of astronomical twilight in the evening the Sun does not contribute to sky illumination.

So, the darkest time of the day will end with Saddam’s death. That’s kinda poetic.

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