Thursday, March 15, 2007


So now Viagra is seen to be useful for recovery from a heart attack or stroke. Will the label read: “Side effects: Pocket rocket with lit fuse (e.g., throbbing erection)”? How do they come up with these alternative uses? What’s next? Compound W, known for use in reducing external warts, has been tested for reducing diverticula. Oh, you mean, I was supposed to shove it up my ass? Now you tell me.

My boss used to be a PA State Trooper. He saw a guy sitting in a car; he looked ill and my boss approached. Seemed the guy was fully engaged with the chicken in his lap. The chicken subsequently died. The guy was charged with cruelty to animals. What was the guy thinking as he approached the chicken coop? Was there more than one chicken to choose from? What criteria are used to select the best one – more dark meat? What was the chicken thinking as the guy, um, exposed himself? What is wrong with people?

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I sit in a bright yellow room. A bunch of bananas are set on a white plate. Through an open window, a summer breeze blows white cotton curtains. An unfinished wooden table is surrounded by six mismatched chairs. An old percolator holds freshly made coffee. My bare feet rest on a worn pickled-white wide-plank floor. Sitting in my grey flannel pajamas, I write in my journal to the person not sitting next to me.

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  1. I guess he didn't want to go "Cold Turkey," lol! Hey Clyde, hope you're well darlin'!