Monday, April 9, 2007

filling an empty day

I’ve got nothing better to do with my time than blog. That’s not a slight on you all. It’s just that my life has been reduced on a few fronts to non-activity. So here we go …

Don Imus refers to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as a bunch of “nappy-headed hos.” That’s kinda funny, provided you were in the middle of all of them when you were speaking and they therefore had the opportunity to say that they thought you were a doddering buffoon with a family tree shaped like a donut. Instead, he said it on the radio with a bunch of white guys around him, sycophants all.

It is remarkable to me that people like Imus continue to get the microphone. It all returns to political views: if your view is too conservative or too Christian, then you are yanked at the first opportunity. Otherwise, you can step in it, offer your Hail Marys Full of Grace, and march onward to the next complete f—k-up.

I believe Imus would be the first to agree that the day following his death, the only story about him will be … well, nothing. He’ll be as visible as a weight chucked off an ocean-going freighter.

Just how low do you have to stoop that the media look to Rev. Al Sharpton to be your castigator? How embarrassing.

I have a bad back. Actually, just the lower portion. It was weakened many years ago and nothing I have ever done has strengthened it. It bothers me only several times a year. I used to need a cane to walk when it was real bad, and that has been three or four years since I needed that. But I do know that a cane is in my future. They’re kinda cool, actually. But probably more cool if it is just a fashion accessory rather than a medical necessity. Anyway, here is an article from 1901 entitled, “Self-defence with a walking stick”. May come in handy. You never know when the youth of tomorrow may accost that day’s infirm.

I remember as I kid how the older folks could make cool hand shadows. Seems like a lost art. We were poor. Maybe it wasn’t an art, even back then. It’s fun anyway.

Here’s an interesting nine-minute video on how camera lenses are made.

Wanna kill a bit of time piecing together a head? Mr. Picasso Head is for you …

What an amazing collection of spirals in photographs.

This link explains why there are different primary colors depending on if you use the additive or subtractive method. I don’t understand color theory. I’m still trying to grasp the assertion that pink ain’t a color, and the science seems simple on that.

There’s probably more to say, but I’m hungry. Later …

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